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8 Musical Gifts For The Holidays

8 Musical Meditations For 2020/2021

This is the time of year that lots of people talk about how the year was for them.  I know it has been a challenging and strange time for many, but in my case it has been a wonderful and interesting year. A lot of that has to do with the gong baths here in Europe since I moved from the US and  started offering them January 18, 2020. So I wish to say THANK YOU for making my year what it has been!

In the spirit of gift giving, here is what I wish to give to you. 8 very special pieces of music, you can use for a variety of purposes.


Musical Gift #1: The Easiest Way To Enter The Meditative State. By Alan Watts

This one is not properly music, though it has music, it is a guided meditation that teaches us how we can get the most out of a sonic meditation, or any meditation for that matter. It is wonderful.

Musical Gift #2: Thursday Afternoon by Brian Eno

This is one of my all time favorites. It is great to have on as a meditation or as a background soundtrack while you are doing something else.

Musical Gift #3: Earth Horns With Electronic Drone by Yoshi Wada.

Long mellow drones resonate evenly. This one has inspired certain aspects of my approach to the gongs.

Musical Gift #4: A Garland of Red by Red Garland

One of my favorite Jazz piano players. Enjoy.

Musical Gift #5: Raga Charukeshi by Shiv Kumar Sharma

A list of musical favorites like this one wouldn’t be complete without adding something from this maestro. This is a wonderful piece to listen to in meditation or while preparing breakfast.

Musical Gift #6: Raga Yaman Bismillah Khan And Vilayat Khan.

Two of the great masters of their respective instruments. Listen to how these two players play together. It is like a deep and loving conversation filled with sensitive full listening and love.

Musical Gift #7: Triptych by Eliane Radigue

Perhaps no music has influenced my gong playing in the past year as much as Radigue’s. This is a special sound that goes beyond traditional formats, but is wonderful if you give it some time.

Musical Gift #8: 4’33” by John Cage.

I challenge you to listen to this piece fully and as often as possible. It is the most powerful of musical pieces ever created. Close your eyes and just listen. This is the mother of all musics.


That’s it for now. I hope you find something on this list new and enjoyable. May 2021 provide you with millions of tiny musical gifts and a few bigger ones too 🙂


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