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Gong Meditation Weekend – Deep Listening & Full Expression

September 7 @ 09:00 - September 8 @ 17:00


Let the beauty we are, be what we do. This is the essence of gong meditation.  Meditating with the gong is an adventure in sound, artistic expression, deep listening, and non-duel awakening. It combines relaxed presence and full expression. It brings everything together.

This is a weekend for those who are ‘not musical’ or have ‘never meditated,’ and it is also for experienced  musicians, gong players, seasoned meditators, and people deeply involved in every spiritual practice.

For some people, this weekend will be an initiation into a new practice. For others, it will be a highly enjoyable deep relaxation. For all of us, it will be a weekend of profound awakening, beyond our conceptual selves, into a pure and loving awareness.

Gong Meditation is something anyone can do to get into a relaxed state, to find a creative zone where they create beautiful vibrations; all while developing these crucial life skills:

Life Skill: Be Your Own Authority

Be your own best teacher, coach, and guru. So much wisdom, love, and beauty is already within you.  The key is to get out of your own way and self-relate in a new way, moment to moment.

Developing your ability to self-relate is a big part of playing gongs meditatively. When we meditate with gongs, we learn to continuously check in, to see how things are going, to respond to our inner promptings in creative, clear and empowering ways. This translates to every area of life that matters.

Life Skill:  Deep Listening

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – W.B. Yeats

The world is full of magic. We don’t have to go on vacation to come alive. We don’t need a specific kind of situation or experience to wake up to the beauty which is always already there.  We simply need to awaken our awareness to what is inside and around us all the time.

When playing gongs in a meditative way, we naturally awaken to a greater sensitivity of the present moment and develop the capacity to digest the experience.

Naturally we begin to notice subtle sounds and vibrations that want to come to the surface. Without even trying, we find that we are curious about how to play the gong to bring those tiny little sounds to the surface and make them shine.

This delicious process shows us our own power to shape beauty out of pure stillness and go back to that same stillness, with a sense of having had a rewarding journey in the world of sensation.

Life Skill:  Intuitive Improvisation

True confidence comes when we trust our ability to express ourselves fully and to create empowering meanings inwardly. When we find the capacity to and make new decisions, moment to moment, trusting the unknown and letting our innocent pure beauty shine forth, with vulnerability, it opens us to our deepest clearest understandings and our greatest communicative power.

True intuitive engagement goes beyond our memories, our roles in life, our identities. It is a sensitive, creative interaction with that small quiet whisper within, that wants us to go beyond cliches, habitual expressions and say something new.

Connecting with our intuition is not difficult. We just need to learn the difference between emotional/comfort driven impulses, and true creative curiosity.  A mindful gong meditation is a meditation on the flow of decisions and their consequences, moment to moment. That is one half. The other half is the inner process of how we arrive at those decisions.

Through playing with honesty, reflecting on how it is for you, moment to moment, getting quiet inside, listening to inward impulses and external ‘signs,’ we naturally, almost effortlessly, access our heart of power.

This is the essence of intuition and it works in every situation that matters.

Life Skill: Access a Conscious Flow State

Not all flows are created equally. A habitual unconscious reactive flow is far from the same thing as a flow of beauty based on carefully considered decisions.

The gong is an honest mirror for the quality of your flow. If you play in an insensitive, mechanical way, the gong will respond accordingly, but if you play with sensitivity, and creative curiosity, the gong will also respond.

Over the course of this weekend, we will experience what it is like to get into a creative flow. When we play the gong slowly, making decisions intentionally and listening to how the gong responds, our decision making becomes better and then suddenly, by itself, we find ourselves in a creative flow; one with our awareness, our minds, our bodies. The result is transcendent beauty.

Focus Training

An unhappy life is a distracted life. It isn’t so much about positive thoughts or negative thoughts, happiness is more a reflection of our ability to hold our focus and use our focus, as the situation requires.

There are 3 kinds of focus to develop:

  1. Directed Focus:  The first, most basic, is directed focus. Choosing where to place our attention and where not to place it, is an absolutely essential skill for every single endeavor that doesn’t involve losing ourselves in scrolling on social media and losing ourselves in movies, and so forth.The good news is that it is easy to learn how to direct our focus. It is a bit like a muscle. The more we practice, the easier it becomes to focus on what we really want to focus on, and not the many distractions molesting our peace.
  2. Soft Focus:  Soft focus is an underappreciated super power. It is how a mom who is in one room making dinner, can hear a kid fall and know that the fall was not a problem, even without seeing what happened. It is how people seem to be psychic. It is the core of empathy. It is the ability to go from one experience to another with full presence and minimal friction.Soft focus is how we know how our bodies are doing moments before our minds know. It is about how we can spot problems and opportunities before they materialize.For gong playing, soft focus teaches us to hear with our eyes, to feel with our hearing, to sense when something is about to go ugly, or when something beautiful wants to come to the surface.Soft focus is also how we learn to maintain focus without exhausting ourselves.
  3. Effortless/Meditative Focus:  This can also be called Spatial Awareness. It is effortless in that is always already there without you even trying. The awareness that you are aware is effortless and without choice. It is the way it is.This awareness is vitally important, from a spiritual point of view, as it is the truest connection to your identity beyond the body and beyond the mind. Connecting with effortless awareness gives you inner peace, a fearlessness, a deep love for all your encounter…all this without trying.It doesn’t depend on belief or trust, since it is what is there in every situation, and every kind of thought. Gong playing at its very best happens by itself. This doesn’t mean the body is doing nothing or the mind is doing nothing. It means that you are more focused on your effortless awareness, trusting the body and mind to do what it needs to to. When this happens, you are fully present, and fully allowing, the result is a natural playing free of all musical cliches, purely creative, fully expressed and utterly delightful.

Weekend Highlights

  • 2 Gong Baths
  • Lots of chances to play different gongs. Some of which, you can take home, if you want.
  • Alan’s self-learning approach combines action, reflection, inquiry and non-judgmental listening.
  • Relational meditations to go beyond social anxiety and into relational presence.
  • Easy practices to awaken witnessing presence, quiet the mind, sense the moment beyond labels.
  • Deep relaxation practices that can be used whenever they are needed.

Weekend Details

  • Language: This weekend will be in English. There will be people who can help with German as needed.
  • Group Size: No more than 10 participants
  • Quiet Gong Playing Style: Quieter/Sensitive style. (I encourage everybody to play freely, developing their own style, but as this is a group meditation practice, it will be done in a quieter style that takes care of the sensitivities of each member.)
  • Price: This is an early bird pricing of 800 CHF. Starting June 1st, the pricing will go up to 950.



September 7 @ 09:00
September 8 @ 17:00


Alan Steinborn


Be:Life Studio
Klosbachstrasse 3
Zürich, 8032 Switzerland
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