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Total Life Energy Meditation - Qigong & Gongbad

This weekly practice offers a complete meditation of body, mind and heart that anyone can do to achieve better health and spiritual awakening.

Through the gentle, flowing and natural physical exercises based on the ancient method of Qigong practice, you will experience a deep understanding of yourself and your own body. You will develop a deep mindfulness that will empower you in your everyday life.

If you then take a gong bath, you will give yourself a complete reset. Qigong is the perfect preparation for a musical journey into complete emptiness. The result is an enlightening experience of expanded consciousness, deepest relaxation and bliss.

Doing this practice weekly will transform your life as you naturally develop the ability to approach life with passion and simultaneous relaxation. The results of this practice will amaze you.

“The sound journey was impressive. Letting the drumming “go” through the body so intensely I found cleansing. I think it released/relaxed a lot in me on a physical level. Exciting! The gong bath was almost like a reset in parts. I’ll definitely be happy to come back. ” – Muriel, qigong + gong bath participant

“By the way, the after effects from the gong bath are very exciting, the meditations have become much more intense since Sunday, I am quite surprised and happy with it.” – Markus, qigong + gong bath participant

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Single Session

If you just wish to come to a single session, this is the option for you. Simply click here to sign up for the event that is right for you. 



10 Session Package

With this flexible pass, you get 10 sessions, with a savings of 50 CHF. This is the most popular option. 



3 Month Pass

For those who know they are committed to coming for a specific period of time, this is the best value package. 

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