Das Gongbad

The Gong Bath

A Unique Meditation in Sound 

...sound is what you are made of.

When you meditate on sound, your experience gets richer, more alive, more beautiful, more musical. You begin to awaken to your best self. This is what happens at a gong bath.

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'Your website looks good, but a gong bath is 100 times better. 
How do you communicate that?' - Enya Kellermann

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Go on a meditative musical journey with a gong bath. Gong baths are a means of physical regeneration, emotional balance and mental well-being. The participants… See more..

Basel Baselstadt Feldbergstrasse 1

Put some stillness in your mind, some joy in your heart and some rocket fuel in your body for your post-corona reality. Go on a… See more..

Zurich Dienerstrasse 10

Featured Meditation

(best while laying down)
Way back in 2003 I fell in love with the sound of the gongs and decided that I would play, but it took 13 years, my dad’s passing, a failed project, an epiphany and synchronicity for me to finally get one.

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