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A gong bath is an island in the

push and pull of daily life

What is a gong bath?

A gong bath is a chance to take a moment just for you. You lay down on a comfortable mat, close your eyes and let the beautiful and unique gong sounds wash over you. You get transported to a quiet space of sensitivity and inspiration. When it’s over, it feels like you have been laying down for only 10 or 15 minutes, though it was a whole hour! The gong bath has taken away your sense of time and given you a sense of the timeless. This never stops being amazing.

Is there any difficulty involved?

Not in the least. A gong bath meets you where you are. That is the beauty of it. No matter how your day
is going, you come as you are and you still find rejuvenation, clarity and a greater sense of beauty in the moment.

Why do people come back again and again?

Each gong bath is unique. The first time you come, it may feel like a special experience, but with repeated gong baths, your experience deepens and begins to influence your life.

‘It was like a massage times 10.’
Brianne, Yoga Teacher

‘It was beautiful and opened up my senses.’
Jason, Professor of Mathematics

“I am still fascinated by today‘s gong bath. I have the feeling that I am much more focused since this morning.”
Tobias, Photographer
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Why I Play Gongs

Like almost every kid, music was a central part of my experience from early on. It was my own private world and I loved it. Then 30 years ago, I discovered something unexpected about music. I discovered that sound had the power to bring about a deep change in my awareness, the likes of which I didn’t even know were possible. Music helped take me to a new awareness of who I am.

Since then I have explored extensively music for meditation purposes. I’ve found that gongs – when played with sensitivity – are super powerful tools for self awakening and feeling great. I love that the gongs meet people where they are and take them somewhere profound. I am honored to be able to share this precious experience with them. Oh, and also it is a whole lot of fun.

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