How it all got started with me and the gongs

I get this question all the time. When people ask me what I do, I either reply by the general term ‘musician.’ or ‘I teach meditation.’ or, if I feel there is genuine interest, I tell them ‘I play gongs for people while they are laying down. I give gong baths.’ Huh?!?!?!? Gong bath? What is that? Then I explain that it is this amazing meditation through sound. Often there is interest...

Enlightment by a Drunken Sea Captain

It was a Sunday afternoon like so many Sunday afternoons in Lisbon. This is what made the meeting with the drunken German Captain so surprising. For my Sunday afternoon ritual, I would sit on deck of my sailboat home-- my floating private hermitage--called the Raven. I would sit and gaze at the waters of the river Tagus (pronounced Tay-jew.) I would look Westward; watching the widening water...

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